New Year, what’s going on!

Once again, we hope everyone had super happy holidays and New Years’ season. It was awesome over here, mainly with all the work our staff was doing renovating (painting/patching/creating) at the hostels and the apartments. Everything is revamped just a bit, so it doesn’t look old and stale, as we try to make it look fresh every year.

We hope everyone enjoys their stay with us, and please if you ever have any questions or concerns, just reach out to us on our website or social accounts. We care 100% about every bad and a good note or review, and will address those ASAP.

Onward to 2017! Come visit DC, and check out all the awesome spots, and especially our newest museum – we have tricks and tips for visiting it faster!

We also have daily events going on still, so go ahead and sign up for Tuesday drinking and Pizza (it’s getting more popular) or Wednesday just pure drinking =). We will be meeting for both of those at CAPITAL VIEW main lobby, and all walk over together. Or you could wonder off by yourselves in smaller groups, and let them know you’re coming from the hostels!


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