Inauguration in January

hey hey! Make sure you book through our websites directly, to avoid even HIGHER prices, due to whatever commissions that online agencies decide to take. Additionally, it is our policy that we are able to adjust your prices down, if for whatever reason there is less demand than expected. Basically that means, that booking with […]

UltraBar Fridays

Hey hey hey! Going out to Ultrabar tonight. Join us as always! It’s usually $40 to enter and super long lines; but hey guess what – with us it’s not! We need everyone to sign up, so we know how many folks are going; check out , or check with the front desk at […]

Sunday BBQ

Hey, everyone! Please make sure to sign up with our evenbrite @, so we know the amount of food that we should plan for! There will be a $5 or a $10 option; basically just doubling up! $5 1 beer + 1 burger with some potato salad; $10 x 2 (double burger)