Inauguration 2017 + Things to do!

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Some thoughts on what just happened the other day, and what you can do about it, and more!

We will provide an awesome place for everyone to stay, no matter what your plans are. However, keep in mind, that keeping with nearly everyone else’s policies, we are not refunding reservations made from January 18th to January 21st especially. It’s a busy time, and now that we know, who the President will be, make sure your reservations are final!

All of our locations are within walking distance from the US Capitol, with EXECUTIVE SUITES PLUS and CAPITAL VIEW hostel literally within viewing distance with some binoculars. We all hope for what’s best for this country, and either way – whether filled with celebration or protest – it will still be an enormous event over here in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, onto some brighter news! Keep in mind we have our weekly Friday event at – so sign up, join up, ask us questions, and attend. Free entry for 21+, and $10 for 18+ for the biggest young people club in DC, and right in downtown – walking distance away. Also keep in mind there’s many more things out there to do for free or low prices, outside of being a super tourist. Museums are great over here, and with the opening of the latest addition, you could spend your entire trip literally going through them, and not have enough time. However, in the evening there are other things you could do. Here’s an example – go check out an IMPROV shows – really good:

UPCOMING: IMPROV: The Fourth Annual District Improv Festival continues on THURS, Nov 9 with two $5 shows at Source Theatre at 7:30pm & 9:30pm & More Shows FRI, Nov 12 & SAT, Nov 12, Free or $10 + Two shows FRI, Nov 11 at Unified Scene Theater

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